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Dealing with the death of a loved one is a difficult endeavor. Most of our focus and energy tends to concentrate on the grieving process; just dealing with the fact that the people we love are no longer with us. The difficulty is only compounded when the death was preventable or was the result of negligence from a third party. This is where the Law Offices of Michael J Holmes can help relieve you of some of the burden.


A lawsuit will not return your loved one but it can protect you and your family against the financial fallout that can result from a wrongful death.


Wrongful Death California Law

The California Code of Civil Procedure, sections 377.60-377.62 explains some of the specifics regarding the law.


377.60. A cause of action for the death of a person caused by the wrongful act or neglect of another may be asserted by any of the following persons or by the decedent’s personal representative on their behalf:


(a) The decedent’s surviving spouse, domestic partner, children, and issue of deceased children, or, if there is no surviving issue of the decedent, the persons, including the surviving spouse or domestic partner, who would be entitled to the property of the decedent by intestate succession.


(b) Whether or not qualified under subdivision (a), if they were dependent on the decedent, the putative spouse, children of the putative spouse, stepchildren, or parents. As used in this subdivision, “putative spouse” means the surviving spouse of a void or voidable marriage who is found by the court to have believed in good faith that the marriage to the decedent was valid.


Seeking Justice and Compensation Within The Tragedy of Wrongful Death

Whether the loved one is a spouse, a child, a parent, a relative or a friend, discovering the circumstances surrounding the death that did not need to happen can flip your already broken world upside down. When someone you love dies due to negligence by another party or person, then there is a sense of injustice and anger added to your already whirlwind of emotions.


Unfortunately, there are complexities within the parameters of the law that can be overlooked by individuals who are not experienced Orange County Personal Injury Attorneys. For example, there are maximum financial dollar amounts that cannot be exceeded regarding Economic Damages. However, there are no such defined limitations when it comes to non-financial damages, which can include loss of love, companionship, comfort, affection, society, solace, moral support, protection, advice, and training. Significant awards are common for children who have lost one or both of their parents.


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Wrongful Death cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. When we accept your case, you pay no fees or costs unless we recover damages for you. Bottom line: If YOU don’t get paid, we don’t either. For those who may be struggling with injuries or handicaps, we are glad to arrange meeting you at the hospital or your home; whichever is most convenient for you.


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