Boeing Company Work Injury

The Boeing Company is one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the United States and in California:


According to a recent publication by the Orange County Business Journal Book of Lists (2015), The Boeing Company is said to have approximately 7,000 employees in Orange County alone.


Of the nearly 7,000 Boeing Company employees in Orange County, many of them are charged with the task of designing, manufacturing, and/or selling airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets, and satellites. Boeing is also said to be the second-largest defense contractor.


For some employees of The Boeing Company in Orange County, the duties associated with employment at The Boeing Company can be difficult, if not impossible, to perform without great risk of injury and/or death.


As a result of the demanding working conditions at The Boeing Company, many hard working individuals suffer life altering work related injuries while performing their assignments.

For many of these people, rather than being able to focus on enjoying life, they often find themselves struggling with how to survive after suffering a work injury at The Boeing Company.


Regardless if you suffered a specific injury while working at The Boeing Company, or you developed a cumulative trauma while working for The Boeing Company over time, the right workers’ compensation attorney can mean the difference between living a nightmare and being able to overcoming the obstacles associated with a work injury.


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