Guard Systems Work Injury


Guard Systems, Inc. asserts its motto is “delivering on our promises since 1956.”


According to the Guard Systems, Inc. website, Guard Systems claims its goal is to “provide meaningful employment to our employees and to treat each of our employees as a valuable asset.”
Recently, I had the pleasure of representing an employee of Guard Systems. This employee accepted employment at Guard Systems, thinking he was entitled to all of the rights that every other worker in California is entitled to.

After working under difficult working conditions for Guard Systems, Inc., most likely making Guard Systems countless amounts of profit, my client sustained a work related injury.


After sustaining an injury at work, most employees believe they are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits afforded to injured workers in the State of California.

Unfortunately, soon after being injured while working for Guard Systems, Inc., Guard Systems asserted that employees of Guard Systems, Inc. are members of a “carve out,” and therefore was not allowed to have his workers’ compensation case heard in the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

The good news for my client is that we didn’t stop fighting for him, and the case is now being heard in the local Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

So what does this mean for you?

It means if you are working for Guard Systems, Inc., and you are injured at work, regardless of whether the injury developed over time, or if your injury occurred as a result of a specific incident, YOU HAVE RIGHTS!

When it comes to determining your rights, DO NOT rely on your employer to determine what your rights are.

If you sustain an injury as a result of your employment with Guard Systems, Inc., contact the lawyer experienced with fighting for Guard Systems employees…contact Michael J. Holmes.


At the Law Offices of Michael J. Holmes, we are equipped to represent the interests of Guard Systems, Inc. employees. The complexities of these cases can lead the average attorney to avoid providing legal representation for Guard Systems, Inc. employees. Let our team employ our Orange County, San Diego, Riverside County, Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County network of resources and vigorously pursue the maximum compensation you are entitled to.


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Guard System work injury cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. When we accept your case, you pay no fees or costs unless we recover for you. Bottom line: If YOU don’t get paid, we don’t either. For those who may be struggling with injuries or handicaps, we are glad to arrange meeting you at the hospital or our convenient office location; whichever is most convenient for you.


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