Walmart Work Injury

Attention Walmart workers…if you are injured, you are not alone.  Each day, Walmart workers are exposed to falling boxes, heavy lifting, stressful working conditions, and unfortunately work related injuries.


Working at Walmart after you are injured can be a nightmare.  If you are exposed to working conditions that cause you to be injured, you may need a work injury attorney that understands your situation.


The Law Office of Michael J. Holmes has represented Walmart employees who have suffered work related injuries ranging from back injuries, neck injuries, leg injuries, hand injuries, head injuries, arm injuries, and many other injuries that can dramatically disrupt life.


Unfortunately, all too often, employees of Walmart can find little or no compassion from Walmart management once they are injured.  For these injured Walmart employees, an aggressive workers’ compensation attorney can mean the difference between added stress and getting the help you are entitled to.


If you were injured while working as an employee for Walmart, call The Law Office of Michael J. Holmes for your free consultation today.  Call 714-202-0217 and discuss your case with an aggressive Walmart work injury attorney today.


The Law Offices of Michael J. Holmes, PC, serves Orange County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles County, Walmart employees that have suffered a specific or cumulative trauma work injury while working for Walmart.


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